Entertainment Options

In addition to the Big Show, Flying Not Falling offer a number of other entertainment options. Stage acts can be incorporated into larger presentations as exciting interludes. Flying Not Falling also provides background and roving entertainment to add a unique flair to your event.

Stage Acts

Leave them wanting more with these dynamic stage acts, ranging from 2 to 6 minutes in length. Stages can range in size from a full theatre to as small as a dining table. All acts can be performed under a 10 foot ceiling.

The Suitcase Dance

In which Edgar, Ivan, and Cosmo are introduced in a unique combination of clown, dance, and physical comedy.

Vaudeville Medley

Flying Not Falling showcase a blistering variety of ridiculous skills. Witness hat manipulation, juggling, ball spinning, club swinging, head balancing and physical comedy in this fast paced medley of vaudeville classics.


Flying Not Falling juggle and pass balls, rings and clubs in a style all their own.

Cigar Box Manipulation

A classic popularized by WC Fields, Ivan manipulates 3 wooden cigar boxes at lightning speed.

Double Stack Rola-Bola

Cosmo balances atop a precarious stack of tubes and boards, risking life and limb with style and aplomb.

Bowl Spinning

Edgar spins up to 8 authentic china bowls, 'assisted' by the hapless Cosmo. A suspenseful act that plays huge.

The Grand Piano

Maestro Edgar holds court at the piano. Dazzling virtuosity in this hilarious send-up of the classical repertoire.

Light Up Balls

Flying Not Falling juggle and pass up to seven glowing balls, seamlessly choreographed to music. Excellent for low light settings such as banquets or receptions.

Background Entertainment

Roving Jugglers

In colourful costumes, Flying Not Falling interact with the crowd while juggling balls, rings, clubs, and hats. Add colour and style to your event with background entertainment that is exciting but unobtrusive. A variety of costume themes are possible for this option, from cirque, to carnival, to classic vaudeville.

Character Clown with Live Musical Accompaniment

Edgar and Ivan plays ballads and light classics on piano and saxophone. Cosmo dances, manipulates props and interacts with the audience in time with the music. This whimsical piece can be presented as elegant ambiance for society events or in an upbeat carnivale theme for the wilder affairs.

Crystal Ball Manipulation

A beautiful ambient piece, the crystal balls roll over and around Cosmo's hands and arms, creating a mesmerizing illusion.

Entertainment Packages

Flying Not Falling will provide an entire evening of entertainment. This can include a group stage show up to 45 minutes in length, magicians, roving entertainers, and live music before and after the show. Musical entertainment can range in size from solo piano, to small jazz band, to a 9 piece dance band.