About the Performers

'Edgar' - Jonathan Wiltse

Edgar is terribly important. He is determined to present a 'proper' show, but the others all too frequently hamper his artistic achievements . Fortunately Edgar is there to point them in the right direction...

Jonathan Wiltse has been performing for longer than he would care to admit. Known for his signature bowl spinning act, Jonathan also plays a myriad of musical instruments. He juggles. He sings. He builds and designs props. He was clearly born in the wrong century.

'Ivan' - Iain Duncan

Ivan is really the star of the show. He is determined to garner as much applause and love as possible, preferably all for himself . Unfortunately for the ladies in the audience, he is obliged to share the stage at least some of the time.

Iain Duncan has been performing for over 20 years. His broad background in the arts encompasses juggling, saxophone, music composition, and contemporary dance. To the best of his knowledge, he is the only saxophonist who also balances his instrument on his head.

'Cosmo' - Melissa Aston

Cosmo is not entirely sure what's happening, but this being-determined business is definitely not for her! A show should be fun, even if it means an occasional surprise for everybody. No wait, she totally meant to do that!

Melissa Aston has performed as a clown and juggler all across North America, for a really long time. She has even toured with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baily Circus, living on a train with 11 other clowns. One of the few women to brave the Double Rola-Bola of Imminent Injury, she is also a pretty deft hand with three hats.